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Text 22 Apr Attention Residents of Newcastle

Anyone who has lived in this city for at least a little while has heard of the untimely passing of one Tony Tamplin, beloved media representative for the Newcastle police force and all-round pretty amazing dude.

He used to organize this thing called the Variety Bash, where a bunch of people would do up shitbox cars, paint them in outrageous designs and drive them around the place to raise money for sick kids.

With the death of Tony Senior, his eldest son (also named Tony after his dad), one of my best mates, has decided to take up the mantle and get involved in the next bash, and they need your help. Any donation you can make is appreciated. At the time of writing they are about $650 short of their goal. I know heaps of you are dead set broke, and that’s fine, a reblog is free, so is telling any and every person you know about this. You can donate by clicking this link.

Photo 21 Apr What goes through my head every time someone tells me to use gender-neutral pronouns.

What goes through my head every time someone tells me to use gender-neutral pronouns.

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If a girl is lucky enough to receive any sex education, she will be taught the biological basics. She’ll learn that men have penises and testicles and produce sperm and women have vaginas and uterii and produce ova. She’ll learn that when a man and a woman have sex, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina until he ejaculates. She’ll learn that the semen in the ejaculate will render her vulnerable to pregnancy so she will have to protect herself by using a hormonal or a barrier contraceptive. Hormonal contraception is preferable because barrier methods such as condoms, while safer for women, apparently reduce sensation for men which is obviously a no-no. It’s much better that a woman take a pill every day for her entire reproductive lifespan, or get a painful injection every 12 weeks, or have a copper rod inserted into her uterus, or a silicone rod implanted into her arm. She probably won’t learn that 3 out of 4 women never orgasm from vaginal intercourse. She almost definitely won’t learn how women do achieve orgasm. She’ll learn her place as a receptacle.
— WHO THE FUCK WRITES THIS SHIT!? I have never ever seen or heard of a single sex ed class that ever said women preferably had to be on the pill because condoms ‘reduced sensation’. Better or not better, guess what? I DON’T WANT TO GET AIDS. And I am assuming women do not want to either. Stop being a bunch of fucking cry babies. I cannot handle it. I refuse to associate with anyone pants-on-head retarded enough take this shit seriously anymore. You people are fucking IDIOTS.

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Your huge amount of geek skills allow you to prove beyond all doubt who has been harassing you and turning up at your house at all hours of the morning and hold it over them to watch them squirm.

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Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead.


Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead.

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